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This blog site is dedicated to a continual and interactive process of Reason, Research, Investigation, Analysis and Critical Thinking. The Question of whether or not we as human beings are living in a projected illusion or a legally fictitious world has to be answered, and quickly. We intend to address questions such as: what is Sovereignty? How does money and banking really work? What is the law, nature and purpose of culture? And, how do we expand our current awareness threshold beyond the normal day-to-day ideas and perceptions, given? Each of the posts herein are intended to entertain some of the very basic questions that people are asking the so-called authorities, scientists and experts around the world. Anyone can respond to the posts within the comments boxes. The idea is to create a forum for discussion, with the view to ultimately arriving at the consensus reality of our earth, our lives and the nature of spirit and being.

Topics and Recent Discussions

  • What is Sovereignty?

    What is Sovereignty?

    Reality Check! Sovereignty is ultimately about freedom. Every man and woman on earth plane today has some idea of what freedom means to them. Indeed, it is our birthright and sovereignty to have freedom of choice, of any course of action, in any given situation. With that being said… people who are truly ready to ... Read moreWhat is Sovereignty?Read More »
  • Manifesting vs Creating Money

    Manifesting vs Creating Money

    Manifestus Did you know that, coming from the Latin “Manifestus”, the word manifest relates to “caught in the act”? Yes the masters of deception and makers of manifests have been caught in the act. Again. Manipulating the manifests with undisclosed intent and circumstances is not only acting in dishonour, but acting against the “law” of ... Read moreManifesting vs Creating MoneyRead More »
  • Acknowledging Your Nobility

    Acknowledging Your Nobility

    I am Ta-kZakiah Greetings to all, This post is written as recognition of our lineage on Earth plane, as well as our galactic origins. Many of us who walk on this plane are of Earth, but not from Earth. For those who have forgotten, indeed this plane or planet is owned and run by extraterrestrial ... Read moreAcknowledging Your NobilityRead More »
  • The Notary

    The Notary

    Introduction The status of the Notaries public has to do with an officer of the law (or officer of the court) whose primary function is to bear witness to certain documentation. Historically, Notaries public (also called “notaries”, “notarial officers”, or “public notaries”) hold an office that can trace its origins back to the ancient Roman ... Read moreThe NotaryRead More »
  • Sole/Soul Sovereign Trust

    Sole/Soul Sovereign Trust

    Questions put by FRRf to Lord Randall Earl Kaiser 1) What does Sovereignty mean to you? In my mind, or shall I say in my gut/heart/brain mind, sovereignty is about convergence with one. A trust so to speak that needs to be secured and adhered to. Of course, when considering that we currently live in ... Read moreSole/Soul Sovereign TrustRead More »
  • How do I use my Sovereignty Certification?

    How do I use my Sovereignty Certification?

    A lot of people ask the questions: “how do I activate my certificate”, “how do I enforce my certificate”, or “will my certificate be recognised by local authority”? Well, here are a few pointers to help bring clarity to the situation. How do I activate my Sovereignty certificate? The first thing to realise and align ... Read moreHow do I use my Sovereignty Certification?Read More »
  • Definitions, Types and Characteristics of Sovereignty

    Definitions, Types and Characteristics of Sovereignty

    Introduction In this post we are summarizing a few definitions, types and characteristics of Sovereignty – mostly from a political science perspective. We are highlighting these perspectives in order to make a clear distinction between Political Science and Nature Science as pertaining to Sovereignty, which we will do toward the end of this post. Definitions ... Read moreDefinitions, Types and Characteristics of SovereigntyRead More »
  • Defy all Odds and become Self-Actualized

    Defy all Odds and become Self-Actualized

    What are the benefits of being woke? People often ask: what are the benefits of being Sovereign Certified, operating out of a common Law Pure Trust (cLPT) or utilizing REVO Coin? And how do we interact between the two worlds – the world of the mundane (materialism) and the world of the arcane (spiritualism). It ... Read moreDefy all Odds and become Self-ActualizedRead More »
  • Commercial Redemption – fallacy or reality?

    Commercial Redemption – fallacy or reality?

    Disclaimer The Antrustiones and honorary members of First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf) are not here to provided legal advice at any level nor in any way, shape or form. We are not legal entities nor are we tied to any specific legal jurisdiction of law. To clarify our slogan: ‘working with and not against’ simply ... Read moreCommercial Redemption – fallacy or reality?Read More »
  • Sovereignty Certification

    Sovereignty Certification

    Why is Sovereignty Certification necessary? We are all very familiar with birth registration, which has been a requirement of most commonwealth State Governments since 1873. However, the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1873 and subsequent amendments etc., are all suspended under the Geneva Convention 1930, due to the international bankruptcy. There are 193+2 countries, operating ... Read moreSovereignty CertificationRead More »
  • The Hierarchy of Sovereignty and the four most basic Principles of Nature

    The Hierarchy of Sovereignty and the four most basic Principles of Nature

    How deep does the rabbit hole go? This post is a follow up from the previous posts: “What is Sovereignty?” and “The History of Sovereignty”. We recommend that you read through the latter two posts before this one, as this part of the narrative takes quite an advanced approach to the subject-matter of sovereignty. In ... Read moreThe Hierarchy of Sovereignty and the four most basic Principles of NatureRead More »
  • The History of Sovereignty

    The History of Sovereignty

    A comparative view of how sovereignty relates to state-government and to individual men and women. In order to fully grasp what sovereignty is all about, it is imperative that we go back in time and study its evolution throughout the ages from the 12th Century until today. We must also consider the fact that there ... Read moreThe History of SovereigntyRead More »
  • Blockchain Meets UDCRF

    Blockchain Meets UDCRF

    The commercial infrastructure of today and tomorrow Most people within the ‘banking,’ ‘redemption,’ ‘freeman’ and ‘sovereignty’ space, have heard about an eventual collapse of our current worldwide banking system. Presuming that this is the case, the real concern ought to be ‘what do we do for ourselves and our future dependants.’ In other words, if ... Read moreBlockchain Meets UDCRFRead More »
  • The Maxims of Equity

    The Maxims of Equity

    The inherent relationship between sovereignty and the known equitable maxims. What exactly is equity? Equity, as an exclusive-jurisdiction of law, is a set of maxims (or established principles) that are meant to be relating to living men/women only. It takes into consideration the intents, morality and conscience of individuals with respect to a breach of ... Read moreThe Maxims of EquityRead More »
  • Prof. Werner brilliantly explains how the banking system and financial sector really work.

    Prof. Werner brilliantly explains how the banking system and financial sector really work.

    This footage beautifully summarizes the way in which money and banking works. Although the explanations are brief, they are also bullet-pointed enough to suggest that perhaps consumers as well as people interested in project funding,should look to Asset-Backed digital currencies, as opposed to the traditional routes of borrowing from a bank. We look forward to ... Read moreProf. Werner brilliantly explains how the banking system and financial sector really work.Read More »
  • Maxims and Axioms of Sovereignty

    Maxims and Axioms of Sovereignty

    A few points to consider: “Every man and woman is born onto our plane with Sovereignty already ordained unto them, by Natural Process” “Sovereignty is thus relating to the Natural Nobility and Royalty granted by Nature and its Laws, that is upheld by those individuals that are inherently aware of their true birthright” “Nobility is ... Read moreMaxims and Axioms of SovereigntyRead More »
  • What is the Nature of Truth?

    What is the Nature of Truth?

    All truths are but half truths. We look forward to reading your comments on this very interesting video blog by Nebu Ka Maat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlThcb8RVI4Read More »
  • What is REVO Coin?

    What is REVO Coin?

    The Sovereign ICJ Aligns with REVO Coin as the World’s First Fully Asset-Backed Digital Currency UHT Press Broadcast To all close affiliates, representatives, family and friends: As of this date, Friday 7th July 2017 (7-7-17) at 7.07pm Egyptian time, the Digital Currencies issued by UDCRF (Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation) as the Exclusive Official Issuer ... Read moreWhat is REVO Coin?Read More »
  • What is a common Law Pure Trust?

    What is a common Law Pure Trust?

    Introduction and Provisions Summary By: Sri Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes J.d., L.c.m.d., Ph.d. The importance of this trust remains that governments were originally created by the former, but after many generations descendants forgot this fact. When remembering, as we have done today, and seeing that the government creations always “get out-of-hand,” one needs to ... Read moreWhat is a common Law Pure Trust?Read More »
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