Maxims and Axioms of Sovereignty

Maxims and Axioms of Sovereignty

A few points to consider:

“Every man and woman is born onto our plane with Sovereignty already ordained unto them, by Natural Process” 

“Sovereignty is thus relating to the Natural Nobility and Royalty granted by Nature and its Laws, that is upheld by those individuals that are inherently aware of their true birthright” 

“Nobility is about having the wisdom and reasonability to trace and unveil one’s true history (genetically, historically and indeed spiritually), emphasizing life in the present, and thus being able to blueprint the future” 

“Royalty is about living life in accordance with our personal ‘law’, ‘nature’ and ‘purpose’, whilst living on this plane. The essential characteristics of an individual is driven by their law: (mentality of mind and reason), their nature: (qualities and moralities) and therefore their purpose: (objectives and functions) in life. This is where true power comes from” 

“A true Sovereign is also one who is in direct communication with the spirit-being that is incarnated with them; and they are also having the ability, by Reason, to determine the difference between their true spiritual essence of positivity away from the forces of negativity” 

Here is how you can recognize a true Sovereign. Nobody can feign or pretend being a Royal because the 5 common traits or characteristics of a true Royal are:

  • exceptional talent, skill and ability
  • control of resources and property
  • ability to retrace the past and define the future
  • abilities indicative and representative of the incarnated spirit being(s) (energy)
  • ability to perpetuate and sustain their culture and economy

The idea and practicality of Sovereignty comes with other natural birthright tenets and principles too; as a collective they are called: The 5 roads to freedom:

Certification of Sovereignty

The idea of a Sovereignty Certificate (Allodial title) has to do with “claiming-back” the capital title to our physical flesh and blood body. Herein lies the problem: Since the Geneva Conventions of 1928-32, every new child born was required to be ‘registered’ within the STATE, thereby creating a corporate person; effectively denying that living child any privileges as an owner of Real Property. Thus, their natural birthright and Sovereignty is taken, by contract. 

The act of registering a child contracted them as chattel, and the birth record was a deceptive legal way of getting the parents to sign the baby’s birthright away. The birth record was in fact a promissory note that was converted into a slave bond, which was then sold to one of the private Top Twelve banks (“TTb”; polity) effectively giving title-ownership of the child to the bank(s). 

Here is the general rule. Before any legal or common law title can be properly created and enacted, there must first be an Allodial title to the body created and enacted along with a Certification of Sovereignty, by fidelity contract. 

For more elucidation on the principles of sovereignty certification for individuals check out the following posts:

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