The Hierarchy of Sovereignty and the four most basic Principles of Nature

The Hierarchy of Sovereignty and the four most basic Principles of Nature

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

This post is a follow up from the previous posts: “What is Sovereignty?” and “The History of Sovereignty”. We recommend that you read through the latter two posts before this one, as this part of the narrative takes quite an advanced approach to the subject-matter of sovereignty.

In the previous post “The History of Sovereignty” we summarised the different types of sovereignty as it pertains to state-governments and the principles of sovereignty as it pertains to individual men and women. Here, we will go into more detail considering the hierarchy (planes) of sovereignty as well as four of nature’s most basic principles.

The hierarchy of sovereignty can be viewed as follows:

  • Universal Sovereignty
  • Spiritual Sovereignty
  • Mental Sovereignty
  • Material Sovereignty

The four most basic principles of nature are:

  • Growth
  • Order
  • Reciprocation
  • Balance

So, how deep does the rabbit hole go? How far are we willing to go in order to really align with sovereignty? The four most basic principles of nature listed above are to be considered within each plane of the hierarchy, as we will discuss ahead. The course of developing one’s self as a sovereign must be taken from top-down. Not from bottom-up! The journey must be taken along the same path of manifestation: from universal awareness of the essence (or soul) of your being, to spiritual (or astral) awareness, to mental (or mind) awareness, and finally to the material (or physical) awareness.

It is a fallacy to assume that true sovereignty can be measured by the amount of materials an individual can accumulate. Nothing could be further from the truth, ironically. Because, it is truth that will set an individual free. Sovereignty, therefore, is all about freedom. Correct?

Growth, Order, Reciprocation and Balance

In order to have any reasonable comprehension of sovereignty (the true nobility and essence of our being), we must first have a basic and yet reasonable knowledge-base and standing of the nature of nature including the nature and hierarchy of the planes of manifestation. The four most basic principles of the nature of nature are the principles of Growth, Order, Reciprocation and Balance.

Growth is synonymous with expansion, also patience and time. Order is synonymous with the arrangement or disposition of people, places and things in relation to each other. Reciprocation is synonymous with mutual exchange of benefits or an alternating-motion (like giving and receiving). Balance is synonymous with even distribution of weight, or moral conduct (i.e., a neutral position).

Some people apply these four basic principles automatically and naturally. Others must study and apply them diligently and earnestly in order to achieve the level of knowledge and experience required, such that freedom is achieved. Lack of knowledge and experience of a situation, circumstance or condition is what causes entrapment (imprisonment universally, spiritually, mentally and materially).

Universal Sovereignty

Firstly, we must attain universal freedom in order to experience Universal Sovereignty; before we can attain Spiritual, Mental and Material Sovereignty. This means that we must attain correct universal knowledge of the true nobility and essence of our being. The universal nobility and essence of our being is pure-consciousness. In order to attain pure-consciousness one must study universal laws and principles from different sources. This process is known as syncretism. Leave no stone unturned. There is no specific doctrine, religion or esoteric narrative that contains all levels, planes and dimensions of truth. Yet, there is truth found in all the latter and more. So, syncretism is the science and art of syphoning the truth out of every narrative we study in order to arrive at a reasonable consensus. In other words, take on board what serves your purpose, and disregard that which does not.

Universal Sovereignty comes with mastering multiple universal laws and principles. Like everything else in life, mastery comes with application, time and experience. We must literally put what we learn into practice, and stick with it, until the desired level of knowledge and awareness is achieved. Then, move on to the next narrative and do the same. After studying and experiencing several narratives pertaining to universal law, we arrive at a consensus that serves our goal of freedom on that level or plane. Then let it go.

One of the many narratives to be studied and applied toward attaining universal knowledge, is the body of universal laws called the Kybalion; also known as the 7 Hermetic Laws:

  1. The Principle of Mentalism
  2. The Principle of Correspondence
  3. The Principle of Vibration
  4. The Principle of Polarity
  5. The Principle of Rhythm
  6. The Principle of Causality
  7. The Principle of Gender

These ‘self-evident truths’ can be found by many sources on the internet. However, some new-age sources have advanced them by suggesting 9 or 12 laws, depending on the source you choose to study and apply.

The main thing to bear in mind is that whilst studying and applying a law and/or principle of nature and sovereignty, you must always consider growth (patience), order (arrangement), reciprocation (mutual exchange) and balance (neutral positions). This is paramount. And the same will be true for Spiritual, Mental and Material Sovereignty.

Spiritual Sovereignty

Next in the hierarchy, from top-down, we acknowledge Spiritual Sovereignty. Here, we are aligning with who we are spiritually. What are your spiritual characteristics and tendencies? In other words, what is the spiritual nature of who you are? Your spiritual characteristics and tendencies will manifest in your day to day activities, usually unconsciously. Some people are consciously in tune with who they are spiritually; naturally. Others may have to study and apply some spiritual practices in order to arrive at a consensus of who they are spiritually.

Some known positive spiritual characteristics include benevolence, modesty, being humble, humility, light-heartedness, equality, integrity, mildness and more. Spiritual tendencies are the inclination towards a specific characteristic or type of behaviour. In the process of studying and applying any specific spiritual practice, always consider growth, order, reciprocation and balance.

Mastery of spirituality (and mastery of certain spiritual knowledge) takes time no doubt, assuming regulated practice is consistent. Knowing and understanding that earth plane is a school, makes life easier to deal with. Life is not easy for most people in general. Life is about learning some very difficult lessons at times. The more difficult the experiences the greater the breakthrough of the lesson learnt. The Material plane is a school, and so is the Mental and Spiritual planes. They are all planes of manifestation from top-down hence why their mastery must be considered from top-down, and not from bottom-up.

Mental Sovereignty

Thoughts are things. Ever heard that saying? What does it mean in practical terms? Before you are quick to conjure up an answer, ask your self this: who is observing my thoughts? Ever thought of that? Can a thought be observed by another thought? The reasonable answer is no, not a chance. This is the reasoning as to why Universal Sovereignty must be mastered firstly. Universal consciousness is pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is the soul essence of our being. It is the soul essence of our being that observes thoughts that pop in and out of our awareness. In other words, ‘are we the thinker or the observer?’ Do we think with effort, or does thinking happen automatically and naturally?’

Mental Sovereignty, therefore, is about mastering the mind and its thoughts whether positively or negatively. Thoughts are things. Thoughts are spirits that manifest as electro-chemical reactions within the brain. We can automatically react to our thoughts (which is true for most people), or we can stay present to them as an observer (the way of the sovereign).

The law of attraction dictates the types of thoughts we attract. This is mastery. If for instance one is presented with a challenge, his/her level of mental mastery will dictate the types of thoughts they attract in order to arrive at reasonable answers to the problem at hand. There are no new thoughts to be conjured up. All thoughts are forever existing. Our brain is the seat of consciousness. So, consciously, we observe thoughts (spirits with either positive or negative intent) as they pop in and out of our mind. We observe and consider each thought, then choose. A single thought can have either a positive or negative impact. When an individual aligns with pure consciousness, they are in the noble, royal and sovereign position to choose wisely. But if the individual loses control of the mind and automatically reacts to the thought, instead of being present to the thought, then he/she is a slave to that thought.

Thusly, mastery of the mind and its tendencies is paramount and is part of the journey toward becoming fully expressed as a sovereign individual.

Material Sovereignty

After mastering (to a degree) the latter three planes of sovereignty, next is Material Sovereignty. Or, Sovereignty in the physical sense. In principle, the latter three planes of sovereignty are all that is needed to arrive at true nobility, royalty and sovereignty in the physical. However, since we are living on the physical plane of manifestation, onlookers ought to be able to see our nobility and royalty as manifested materially speaking.

Sovereignty Certification is one of the paramount things that people ought to be aiming for, concurrently, along their journey of mastering the hierarchy planes of sovereignty. People often ask us, at FRRf, “what can I do with my Sovereignty Certificate?” Or, “what can my Sovereignty Certificate do for me?” The truth is imbedded within both questions. The truth is, most people are not ready to be sovereign, although they genuinely believe they are; and this is primarily why they ask such questions. The purpose of this blog is to help ordained and certified sovereigns come to the realisation that it is not the paper-document contract-certificate that makes them sovereign. The certificate is only a formal statement (like a public notice) to demonstrate that the individual has enacted their sovereignty in contract/certificate form. Other than that, the certificate serves no other active purpose. However, Sovereignty Certification is a very powerful statement indeed!

It is the day to day activities of the individual that truly demonstrates their sovereignty. This is true whether an individual has enacted their birthright to sovereignty, or not. Consider the individual that trains to become a teacher. He/she may do all the required studying and training, privately, and eventually develop the skill, patience and know-how with regards to becoming a qualified teacher. What would be missing in order to get a teaching job in a public school, is a teacher’s certificate or some other teacher’s qualification document. In other words, the document only applies in a contracts law society, and not in the real world. Do you get the point? The documentation simply demonstrates, on paper, that the individual is qualified. But the real qualification comes with time and experience.

So, ask yourself: am i ready to become qualified by the laws and principles of nature to become a sovereign? What lengths am i willing to go to prove to myself and to onlookers. Sovereignty ought to be demonstrated from without and from within.

In an earlier post ‘Maxims and Axioms of Sovereignty’ we expressed some of the traits of a qualified by nature, sovereign. These are:

  • exceptional talent, skill and ability
  • control of resources and property
  • ability to retrace the past and define the future
  • abilities indicative and representative of the incarnated spirit being(s) (energy)
  • ability to perpetuate and sustain their culture and economy

These traits are developed from within. No one can bestow them upon you. Therefore, sovereignty cannot be pretended or faked. Demonstrations of the five traits above comes automatically and naturally with mastery of Universal Freedom, Spiritual Freedom, Mental Freedom and Material Freedom. To re-emphasise, the individual must study diligently and apply earnestly what he/she learns of all four planes. Take onboard what serves your purpose, and disregard what doesn’t. In other words, take full responsibility of your journey to becoming sovereign. Ignorance cannot aid you on your journey toward true sovereignty. The opposite of ignorance is knowledge. If you truly want to be sovereign, then you must be wiling to treat life on earth plane as a school. Make it your business to scrutinise and research everything that other people present as truth, doctrine, dogma, thesis, etc. Because it is knowledge that will make you a free man and woman (boy and girl). When you have exceptional knowledge about a subject-matter, you are no longer in ignorance, you are free.

We also encourage you to study the post ‘The Maxims of Equity’. The maxims, when mastered, will aid the student of sovereignty on their journey from the spiritual and down toward the mental and material planes.

Apply for Sovereignty Certification here.


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