Acknowledging Your Nobility

Acknowledging Your Nobility

I am Ta-kZakiah

Greetings to all,

This post is written as recognition of our lineage on Earth plane, as well as our galactic origins. Many of us who walk on this plane are of Earth, but not from Earth. For those who have forgotten, indeed this plane or planet is owned and run by extraterrestrial beings, that is to say, beings that are extra, or in addition to those who are terrestrial in origin, thus the birth of  Earth was planned: Plan-ET. Truth has been said to be stranger than fiction, and yet beings of ‘off-planet’ origins are documented thoroughly and repeatedly in texts that have become revered as holy (pure) scripture. Few know, but many have yet to recall who they are. This hereby serves as a reminder and recognition of authentic self and galactic origin.

Let s/he that have an ear, let them hear. I am Iudanbei Ta-kZakiah from Rizq of Illyuwn (Sirius). This is who I am. On this Earth plane known to galactic authorities as sector 3, zone 6, I incarnated into the vessel known to my earth family as Oluwatosin Coker, abbreviated to Tosin Coker, on May 4th 1975. By way of this form, I shared with all, my authentic self through a series of books under my abbreviated incarnate name. In the book, Chronicles of Zauba’ah, published in 2015 according to Earth plane human time, 6015 according to natural nature, I introduced my authentic self as Tak Iudanbei. Though expressed as fiction, the character that evolves to become Zauba’ah, is in fact, written as a form of procedural recall and documentation according to the obligation that our kindred record time and our presence within its mortally observed confines. Chronicles of Zauba’ah, is the story of who I am and the duties I incarnated on Earth plane to perform.

I will relay to you now, who I am and why I am here. As stated previously, I am Iudanbei Ta-kZakiah, also known as Ta-kZakiah or Ta-k Iudanbei. There are those who know of my kind, both domestically (on the Earth plane) and galactically, enough to comprehend that I am, as denoted by the prefix, Ta-k; of regal lineage. I am that I am, thus the prefix is not separate from what you might choose to refer as my last name; Zakiah. I am a nine dimensional being, ranked as Commander. I came to Earth plane as part of an entourage, to perform as those appointed to herald in the sun cycle that officially began in the year observed by most as 2000. I followed the incarnation of my Supreme Grand Commander; he that is known to you and all, by the incarnate name: Malachi Z. York, Known to myself and my crew as Amun Nub Re Akh Ptah (Djedi), also from Rizq of Illyuwn. Our incarnation into these physical vessels was written in prophetic texts that precede your history. As such, we come in the form created by us, thus is closest to that of our authentic self. This form is described by your kind as negroid, black, melanin dominant beings: those whose specie is indigenous to Earth plane, by way of the continent known now as Africa. The existence and creation of the negroid race predates any other human on Earth’s plane, thus only by way of willing surrender, offered due to the tampering with their memories, do not fall under the proclaimed jurisdiction, laws and determination of any and all kinds (other biological groups) that followed. I, along with my family have come to facilitate in the repair of the tampered memories of our negroid children (also called Ta, KashTa, Ptah or Ptahites); those with sun heat genes, who are ready, willing and able to safely proceed into the sun cycle, in accordance with natural nature. Know that those in our image and likeness come under our protection.

As Rizqiyians, we are not born in the manner that is customary of humans. We ‘will’ ourselves into form, from formlessness; we are quantum or quadrality (i.e., multi-dimensional) beings. To that end, family (kindred) is not by way of birthed units. Family are those familiar by will, choice and by deed. Thus, those I speak of as my ‘crew’, ‘entourage’, ‘travel companions’, or similarly relative terms, are my family. During our presence on Earth plane, in the manner that is known to you, any being that we permit to incarnate by way of our vessels, unless otherwise stated on record, are also family.  My crew and I (including Nebu Ka Ma’at, Proto-Notary General and Scribe c/o FRRf) are galactically regarded in a manner similar to those attributed by humans, as diplomatically immune to the laws applicable to mankind on Earth plane. Documentation into Earth plane timeline serves as invocation of this status, as fact.

I hereby encourage all who recall, to stand in recognition of their true origin, their haplogroup, biological kind and also law, nature and purpose as I have on this day.

Written by Commander Iudanbei Ta-kZakiah, incarnate as Oluwatosin Coker

To find out more about Sovereignty and Nobility Certification click here.



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