Manifesting vs Creating Money

Manifesting vs Creating Money


Did you know that, coming from the Latin “Manifestus”, the word manifest relates to “caught in the act”?

Yes the masters of deception and makers of manifests have been caught in the act. Again.

Manipulating the manifests with undisclosed intent and circumstances is not only acting in dishonour, but acting against the “law” of do no harm, by suppressing the birthrights of humans, being born on the land.

Land and Mother Earth being, of and for the people, alive and born prior to any certification, registration, or deceptive government bond. A bond that takes the creditor, the creator, the living soul; and intends to make him or her, a debtor.

This ridiculous notion has finally been revealed to enough awakened beings on our heavenly Mother Earth that the tide has turned on the deceiver, the minions and followers, who mostly don’t know or question what they support or consent to. Thus our magnanimous and compassionate attitude must prevail.

The term Sovereign Money creation, SMc, was used by many of my mentors to describe the past debt system. Men and women who left me when I challenged the aspect of using the word creation when describing a manifestation process rather than a creative one. Creation, in my mind, is all about surrender to a divine path of good for everyone and everything every day and not unbalanced man made processes. Sovereign money manifestation or deceptive money manifestation is a process of producing paper for two beings to put their intent and energy into by way of agreement and signatures; or human energy. These beings are generally, unwittingly using their co-creative power and energy to manifest money, the same way every human who signs a so-called loan or mortgage application/instrument.

The complexities beyond these primary credit instrument processes that take place in the banking industry are astronomical; however the basic principle is always the same. The principle sender, giver, or ‘fore giver’ of his or her energy is simply caught in the deception of who he or she is. The truly perverse aspect of banking that very few people comprehend beyond the criminal fractional reserve use of credit instruments is the idea of the “trades.” There is currently more “money” than anyone could ever imagine claimed by the “makers” of the manifests in their banks. Traded and played with like stamp collections. Money that was diverted and released when, and if, it fits the agenda of those who were exploiting and manipulating the system.

Before I move into an area where the reader may feel an urge toward anger or disbelief, let me show you the solution to our monetary challenges which truly only comes from creation without any intent to destroy, punish, or blame.

It has been suggested by one of my dear friends, who also sought solutions that the term “note” be changed to “certificate’ when speaking of the instrument designated as the primary world currency. This may have assisted in balancing the idea of discounting and over-valuing the Federal Reserve Note, being the peg for all currencies on earth, and may have been a decent next step. However, correcting the creditor status, which automatically corrects the beneficiary of “money” will lead humanity toward the golden age, without a doubt in my mind; or the mind of GoOd.

All new money created with this correction will be meant for circulation and economic activity, with none being ‘fore given’ with intent to speculate or hoard in any manner. A loan, when etymology of the word is applied means a gift from God. When we consider that God is both within and around each and every man and woman on earth, you will understand what I mean when I say that man or woman is the creator of his or her own credit and is responsible to use it in a conscious sharing and stewardship manner.

Of course this begins with crediting him or herself with the ultimate gift of adequate food, water and shelter (freely). Due to the fact that indoctrination into the idea of debt has gone on so long, many will need assistance with this first step and thus the need for governments to act responsibly by guiding rather than controlling/governing anything; administering the process with the banks. Of course very little shift needs to happen at this level as they have been working hand in hand in the debt realm for many years. The challenge will be for the governments and banks to continue to move from the corporate business aspect of interest and taxes, to guidance and administration only.

Once basic human rights and needs are dealt with, the governments and those who used to manipulate and exploit the banking industry will simply take their roles as administrators or retire. These new loans to conscious entrepreneurs and what I like to call non-profit minded philantheprenuers; will focus on creation, restoration, rejuvenation, regeneration in all areas of economic activity where GoOdness for everyone and everything, every day is the mission statement that starts the process.

The recent last ditch attempt to continue the story of debt by locking people in their homes, or at least deceiving them to stay in their homes over a false pandemic, has given those of us working behind the scenes to progress with the credit creation process and even expose those clinging to the old ways. The debt system was never about lack, but all ways about the idea of lack. Lack that never existed.

The truth is that “Abundance’ is and always will be, on every level. And the human being is the authority, the AU, the only gold needed in our new golden age of money.

With Love…

Candidate for the soon to be vacated position of Central Bank Governor of Canada

Randall Earl Kaiser


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