The Notary

Introduction The status of the Notaries public has to do with an officer of the law (or officer of the court) whose primary function is to bear witness to certain documentation. Historically, Notaries public (also called “notaries”, “notarial officers”, or “public notaries”) hold an office that can trace its origins back to the ancient Roman … Read moreThe Notary

The Maxims of Equity

The inherent relationship between sovereignty and the known equitable maxims. What exactly is equity? Equity, as an exclusive-jurisdiction of law, is a set of maxims (or established principles) that are meant to be relating to living men/women only. It takes into consideration the intents, morality and conscience of individuals with respect to a breach of … Read moreThe Maxims of Equity

What is a common Law Pure Trust?

Introduction and Provisions Summary By: Sri Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes J.d., L.c.m.d., Ph.d. The importance of this trust remains that governments were originally created by the former, but after many generations descendants forgot this fact. When remembering, as we have done today, and seeing that the government creations always “get out-of-hand,” one needs to … Read moreWhat is a common Law Pure Trust?

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